Workshop Weekends

Workshop Weekends: Year round theater workshops for working professionals

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) encourages working professionals and college students to take a break from their stressful weekdays and unwind through theater and the arts with the Workshop Weekends!

Consisting of 10 6-hour sessions, enrollees get the chance to release and shake off the stresses of the work week with activities that will surely open one’s creativity and artistic skill.

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All PETA workshops are student-centric wherein each course focuses on the process of the participants’ learning. It uses the students’ experiences as inspiration for the script and content of the workshops.

The Workshop Weekends ends with a final showcase in which every class performs a production that is truly their own, applying all that they learned with the help of seasoned PETA Artist-Teachers.

Enrollment for all courses is ongoing.

To join the Workshop Weekends, please schedule an interview for enrollment through 725-6244, 410-0821, 0921 522 1728, or


Or fast track your interview process by signing up online:


These days, weekends are incredibly glorified. We begin our Mondays already waiting for Friday night. Every day seems like a long and drawing prelude to the oh-so-awaited Saturday and Sunday. If we’re honest about it, this is the reality for every young professional in the metro.

Or at least, it is for me. Working in a taxing Monday to Friday job, I have considered weekends special – sacred, even. These two days are reserved for my personal errands and affairs. However, there are times when these weekends are spent doing nothing or, worse, finishing paperwork leftover from the weekdays.

Motivated by my curiosity about theater, I decided to enroll in the Workshop Weekends offered by the Philippine Educational Theater Association, or more commonly known as PETA. They offer workshops for Theater Arts, Basic Acting and Creative Musical Theater for 6 weeks, inclusive of 6 Saturday sessions and 3 Sunday sessions on the last three weeks from 9am to 3pm. They also offer night classes on the same days from 4pm to 10pm.


Theater Arts

I took up Theater Arts, the introductory course. Along with 25 other workshoppers, I spent my weekends with breathing, movement and vocal exercises – far from my daily routine of office work and events management. All our activities were anchored upon our PETA’s integrated theater arts approach and facilitated by experienced theater artists.I still remember the first day clearly. We were tasked to introduce ourselves by associating our nicknames with a specific sound and movement. Clearly, it didn’t take much after that for us to warm up to each other.

Each weekend, more and more activities were introduced. We were challenged to be creative, out-of-the-box and over-the-top. From creative writing to dramatic improvisation, we learned the basics of theater arts in the most holistic way possible.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a theater workshop if we weren’t asked to perform. Each weekend, we had mini performances where we had to incorporate an assignment or a lesson. That was the exciting part about the workshop, we learned by doing. We created by mounting.

Our final activity was a showcase – written, directed and staged by our own class. In our last five sessions, we went through all the nitty-gritty of a theater production. Last September 6, 2015, our friends and family came to watch Pila, a 30-minute play that is more a labor of love than anything else. To say that we are proud of our work is an understatement. The story is witty, engaging and whole. The actors were astounding for nonprofessionals. All thanks to PETA.


Whenever I look back to the workshop, it is always the friends I gained that I treasure most. I speak for the whole class when I say we will never be the same again. This workshop lit a fire in us, to go beyond the daily rat race of the corporatefds world and unleash our creative side. Who knew a group of 20 young professionals from different industries would spend their weekends together creating art?

Make your weekends count, and shake up your boring routine. PETA is still accepting adults and professionals for Workshop Weekends 2.Call Tina Sablayan at 725 6244 or email PETA at to enroll!Each course costs Php11,000. I guarantee,this fun-filled and life-changing experience is going to be your most rewarding investment.

Mariz Ponti, 2015