PETA 50 years of Excellence since 1957

Transforming lives through theater!

Over the past 50 years, PETA has produced over 500 plays including local adaptations of theater classics like "Haring Lear," "The Tempest Reimagined," and recent hit musicals such as "Rak of Aegis" and Care Divas."

Looking back, PETA president Cecilia Garrucho said they never imagined the company to reach 50 years but noted that their passion for the arts was the secret that sustained the company.

“We just had to keep going no matter what and there had been some rough times and hardly any support for the arts but we just had to keep going,” she told ANC.

Current Season

PETA 50th Theater Season Lineup


Catch our new children's play Tagu-taguan Nasaan ang Buwan and the return of two awesome musicals: Care Divas and A Game of Trolls.


The Manila Improv Festival is back! Plus we have a big theater festival happening by October.


Join our year-round Weekend Workshops or enroll in our annual Summer Workshop!

In celebration of PETA's 50 year anniversary, we are proud to introduce our partners!