PETA 55th Theater Season

Walang Aray

Rody Vera’s ferociously smart adaptation of Severino Reyes’ great zarzuela “Walang Sugat,” is an irrelevant farcical and tribute of Philippine history and theater that pokes fun at all things sacred with a clever wink in the eye! The old meets new in this deliciously contemporary Filipino musical – a certified great night at the theater!

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Batang Rizal 2022

PETA's original, big-hearted musical about heroes – Christine Bellen's "Batang Rizal" is now reimagined for new audiences! "Much has been written about Rizal's life, but little has been said about his childhood," says award-winning author and playwright Christine Bellen.

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Educational Shows

PETA remains committed to reaching out and partnering with schools all over the country, to provide much-needed theater exposure and education to as many young Filipinos. This coming November and December, the company is once again bringing its well-loved shows online through our CLICK AND PLAY online streaming series. PETA will be streaming an exciting collection of short and full-length plays on the virtual stage

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