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PETA has remained closed for more than a year now, and it remains unknown when the curtains will rise again. With every passing day that theaters remain dark, PETA faces financial challenges requiring urgent attention. This is why PETA decided to launch the #TakePETABeyondCovid campaign, a fundraising drive that aims to augment the loss of its 2020 season and raise funds for its immediate future.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the necessary lockdown and closure of businesses and institutions endangered the survival of many industries, including the arts. PETA President CB Garrucho explains the impact of the pandemic on PETA, “It is certainly not easy times for many artists and cultural institutions like us. In the last few months alone, we had to make some of the hardest decisions in our 54-year history. Despite our best efforts, we had to let go of 20% of our staff, while implementing across the board pay cuts for over a year.”

CB Garrucho says that while PETA is proud to have been able to keep going, they are painfully aware that there are over a hundred people – community of artists, production staff and crew – who have lost so much work during the pandemic, because of cancelled workshops, events, and shows. However, those in PETA remain to be determined, committed and creative people who refuse to raise the white flag of surrender.

PETA needs YOU – its community of supporters, friends, audiences and theatergoers, to help the theater company weather and rise above this storm.

So how can YOU help? First, please support the Rak of Aegis online streaming! This streaming is available globally, so anybody from anywhere in the world can watch this proudly Pinoy musical! Every ticket sold helps PETA gather funds to sustain its operational funds and activities, so that in turn, it can give more jobs to its artists, teachers, production and technical staff. Buy tickets here:

Those looking to make even more of an impact can make an additional donation through or via PETA’s Gcash or bank accounts.

Your generous support will help PETA to carry on with its mission of producing relevant theater, and enrich the lives of more Filipinos through the arts.

Make a Donation to PETA today.

rak of aegis

rak of aegis