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The comeback of Pinoy childhood favorite, Lola Basyang

MANILA, Philippines -- Parents, grandparents, kids, and kids at heart will surely be delighted as they see the return of everyone's favorite storyteller, Lola Basyang. Likened to Mother Goose, Severino Reyes' Lola Basyang is one character whom all Filipinos have grown to love not just because of her creative way of telling stories but because she is the spitting image of every Filipino's lola.

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"Ako si Josephine": A Unique Celebration for a Unique Artist

Most recording artists mark special occasions by holding a concert or releasing a special edition of the album that started it all for them. But Pop Rock Superstar Yeng Constantino — whose career turns 10 this year—has never been, nor will she ever be, like most recording artists. She’s much more: a songwriter with a proven track record of penning chart-toppers.

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